Mayor & Council

The city of Blue Springs has a Mayor-Council-Administrator form of government as set forth in the Home Rule city Charter.

City Council
The City Council it comprised of 6 members, 2 from each of the 3 districts. Council members serve staggered 3-year terms and are responsible for determining policy, enacting ordinances, and authorizing expenditures.
The mayor is elected at-large for a 4-year term. The responsibilities of the mayor include:
  • Serving as the chief executive officer of the city
  • Attending, voting and presiding over City Council meetings
  • Appointing members of various Boards and Commissions
Term Expires 
Mayor Carson Ross  April 2016 April 2020
Dale Carter (District 1) April 2016 April 2019
Jeff Quibell (District 1) April 2014 April 2017
Kent Edmondson (District 2)  April 2014 April 2017
Chris Lievsay (District 2)  Mayor Pro Tem April 2016 April 2019
Susan Culpepper (District 3) April 2016 April 2019
Ron Fowler (District 3) April 2014 April 2017