Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Update
The Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Planning Commission on June 23, 2014 with an effective implementation date to correspond with the adoption of the Unified Development Code update.   

This plan concentrates on integrating land use, development form, urban design, transportation and economic development strategies into all decisions that impact physical improvements in our city.   

To see a draft copy of the updated Comprehensive Plan, click here.

Legacy Comprehensive Plan

In 2003 the Blue Springs Planning Commission adopted the city’s current Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is an official public document adopted by the Planning Commission for the physical development of the community within the City of Blue Springs and its designated “Planning Area.”

The Comprehensive Plan (also referred to as “the Plan”) indicates, in general, how the citizens of the community want the City to improve in the near-term and long-term up to 20 years. The Plan is a rational and comprehensive guide for physical development that fosters quality growth, conservation and redevelopment throughout the City and its Planning Area.

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Comprehensive Plan Documents