What is CodeRED and why is it important to me?
CodeRED is a new emergency notification service by which officials can notify most Blue Springs residents and businesses and residents and businesses within the boundaries of the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District (CJCFPD) by telephone, cellular phone, text message, or electronic mail about emergency situations or critical community alerts. The system is capable of sending messages only to specific neighborhoods or the entire community.

Will the city be calling me constantly?
No. The City of Blue Springs and CJCFPD respect your privacy. CodeRED will be used when emergency situations arise that you should know about.

The system will be used to send messages only to those residents and businesses directly affected by a particular event. For example, if you happen to live in an area for which a "boil water" advisory has been issued due to a water main break, CodeRED will call only you and your neighbors to deliver that very important health advisory.

Is my contact information in the CodeRED database? And if so, why is my number already in the CodeRED database?
Your contact information may or may not be in the CodeRED database. The CodeRED core contact database was generated by using publicly available information, supplemented with utility contact information. No one should assume that their contact information is in the CodeRED database, which is why it is important for all residents to update their contact information either online or by phone.

What kinds of situations will CodeRED be used?
Evacuation notices, missing or lost persons, fires, floods, boil orders, significant criminal situations, chemical spills or gas leaks, etc. In short, emergencies and community alerts.

If do not want to participate in CodeRED, can I be removed from your database?
No. This is a public safety program and it is vital to be able to access the whole community in case of an emergency.

Why do I need CodeRED when I have TV or the internet to keep me informed?
If power goes out, you may not be able to depend upon TV or the internet. However, because telephone lines are self-powered and most people now have cell phones, the city and CJCFPD can continue to keep you informed through messages delivered by CodeRED.

Many emergencies occur without advance warning. In such cases, you may have no reason to turn on a TV, radio, or internet or you may be sleeping. That's when CodeRED can help officials alert you immediately and advise you to take appropriate action.

How will I recognize a CodeRED message?
  • For Emergency Notification the Caller ID is 866-419-5000
  • For Weather Warnings the Caller ID is 800-566-9780
We suggest you program these numbers in your cell phone as "new contacts" and use "CodeRED" and “Weather Warnings” as the contact names. If you need to replay the emergency notification message again, simply dial this number and you will be able to hear the message again. A CodeRED message will usually begin, "This is an emergency message from the City of Blue Springs or Central Jackson County Fire Protection District."

What should I do if I receive a CodeRED message?
Listen carefully to the entire message. It will be brief and will not be repeated. Follow the instructions given. Do not hang up until you have heard the entire message or you might miss vital information. Do not call 911 for further information unless directed to do so or if you need immediate aid from the Police, EMS, or Fire department.

I have a cordless phone, and it does not work when the power goes out. How is the city going to be able to contact me?
There are 2 ways you can continue to receive telephone messages from the City through CodeRED:
  • Make sure you have at least one working corded telephone - and be sure to turn the ringer on.
  • The CodeRED "Residential Data Collection" sign-up form gives you the option of filling in both a Primary Phone number and an alternate phone number.

    You can fill in the Alternate Phone number with another contact number such as your cell phone number or work number. Entering an alternate phone number will cause both your primary and alternate phone numbers to be called.
Will CodeRED leave a message on a machine or voicemail?
Yes, CodeRED will leave a message on a machine or on voicemail. Part of the CodeRED solution is the patented ability to recognize answering devices and leave the message completely in one pass.

What happens if the line is busy?
If the line is busy, CodeRED will try 2 more times to connect.

Does the city have my telephone number, or do I have to sign up to receive CodeRED emergency calls?
The City or CJCFPD may or may not have your current phone number. If you have moved or changed your telephone number recently, you should definitely sign up for the CodeRED service or update your information you have already provided. Any new information you supply will automatically replace old information.

How do I sign up for CodeRED?

Visit the CodeRED page, the CodeRED Enrollment page, or call 816) 228-0164.

I have a business located in Blue Springs or CJC. Can I have CodeRED call my business?
Yes. View the information above for more information. Please note that emergency calls can only be delivered to a direct dial number. Automated attendants will disrupt the process and the calls will not be delivered. Businesses should register their main number and establish a procedure for distributing the CodeRED message to their workforce.

If I move out of Blue Springs or CJCFPD, will CodeRED continue to call me?
Once the land line at your address is disconnected after your move, the system will drop that number in the next update. However, any alternate numbers will remain in the system until you ask them to be removed. Contact the CodeRED hotline at 816-220-CODE (2633) and request a "CodeRED Number Removal Form". This can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to you. Once you've entered your information, signed and returned to the City of Blue Springs, the information will be forwarded to CodeRED and your numbers will be deleted.

Who is the service available to?
Residents who live within the city limits of Blue Springs and/or the jurisdiction of Central Jackson County Fire Protection District.

If I sign up for weather warnings, does the system automatically enroll me for emergency communications?
Yes, your contact information will be registered in the CodeRED database.

Can I sign up more than one number?
Yes, on the enrollment page you can sign up two numbers for each person enrolled.

Is there a fee for CodeRED?
There is no cost to you, other than standard texting charges that apply if you sign up to receive text messages on your cell phone.

Can TDD/TTY equipment receive CodeRED calls?
Yes. When you register your number there is an option to enter your TDD/TTY information.

How do I change my Weather Warning settings? I signed up for all weather warnings, but I want to be removed from flash flood notifications.
Go to the CodeRED Enrollment page and select only tornado and/or severe weather, these settings will override your previously selected settings.

Will I receive confirmation that I have been enrolled in the Emergency Notification and Weather Warning system?
You will not receive confirmation that you have been enrolled, however, you will be notified via Email or postal card if your enrollment is denied because the address you provided is not within the City of Blue Springs or Central Jackson County Fire Protection District coverage area.