Blue Springs, Missouri
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Storm Water
Streets Division Goals
The Streets division is also responsible for the cleanliness and safety of the streets and storm water drainage systems within the City limits. Maintenance required to meet these service goals include:

Storm Water System Maintenance
Storm Drain
  • Storm Sewer Repair and Installation
  • Catch Basin Cleaning – typically four to ten times per year depending on rainfall
  • Public Detention Basin Outlet Structure Inspection - eight times per year
  • Semi-annual maintenance on drop structures located in lakes

Street Sweeping
Street Sweeping
Street Sweeping assists in the cleanliness of the storm water system by removing debris from the streets that would otherwise be washed into the system when it rains. Sweeping helps make the driving surface cleaner for a safe driving experience.

  • Arterial Streets – 16 cycles per year
  • Collector Streets– six cycles per year
  • Residential Streets – once annually (typically after July 4)

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